Our Services
Corporate Structuring Services

We work with professional advisors in designing the most suitable corporate structures for their clients, which may be used for trading, investment holding, fund raising, listing or asset protection.

We are experienced in advising on special purposes vehicles, such as limited companies, unit trusts, private trust companies, limited liabilities partnerships, companies limited by guarantee and nominee companies.

Through our long established relationships and connections with registered agents, banks, trust companies, lawyers, tax planners, accountants and other service providers in various jurisdictions, we are able to provide a full range of corporate advisory and supporting services to you and your clients:

  • Consultancy in structural planning
  • Providing enterprises with the required special purpose vehicles in corporate structuring (e.g. corporation, company and foundation etc.)
  • Selecting the best jurisdiction for corporate structuring (e.g. Hong Kong, Cayman, BVI, Samoa, Singapore and UK etc.)
  • Providing enterprises with the appropriate legal forms required in structuring (e.g. contract, agreement, licensing and trust)
  • Evaluating TIEA/DTA/DTT required by the corporate structuring, taxation, maximizing the tax and costs efficiency of enterprises.

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